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Teefan Coffee Roasters

Brazil Cerrado Paubrasil

Brazil Cerrado Paubrasil

السعر الاعتيادي Dhs. 35.00 AED
السعر الاعتيادي سعر الخصم Dhs. 35.00 AED
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Indulge in the deep and alluring flavors of Brazil with our Cerrado Paubrasil specialty coffee. Sourced from the renowned Cerrado region, this coffee is meticulously processed using the natural method, which enhances its rich and robust profile. It is specifically tailored for espresso brewing, allowing each shot to express the full intensity and depth of its flavors.

  • Tasting Notes: Savor the luxurious taste of dark chocolate and the natural sweetness of cane sugar, complemented by the subtle tartness of dry apricots. This combination creates a balanced and complex cup, marked by velvety textures and a lingering finish.
  • Recommended Brewing: Espresso is the ideal brewing method for Brazil Cerrado Paubrasil. This approach extracts the dense and concentrated flavors, making every espresso shot a powerful and expressive representation of Brazilian coffee craftsmanship.

Enjoy the bold and sophisticated taste of Brazil Cerrado Paubrasil, a true gem for espresso lovers seeking a memorable coffee experience

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